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Short bio:

Composer Maija Hynninen (b. 1977) is working in the areas of concert music, electronic instrument design and multidisciplinary performances. The essence of her music builds on the unique moments where the parameters of this world are slightly altered to allow a glimpse of another reality to be present. It can be a moment where the timbre of purely acoustical writing gives surprising results or when electronics project sounds into another domain, another space and reality.

Hynninen entered the Sibelius Academy in 2003 (M.Mus. 2011) to study with Paavo Heininen while also working for a violin diploma at the Norwegian Academy of Music. The studies in electronics continued at IRCAM Cursus 2012–13. She is currently PhD candidate at UC Berkeley, with Franck Bedrossian, Carmine Cella, Edmund Campion, Cindy Cox, Myra Melford, and Ken Ueno as her professors. She is also earning a PhD in electro-acoustic music in University of the Arts Helsinki.

Her music has been presented and commissioned by among others YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company), Divertimento Ensemble, Ensemble Mise-En, Helsinki Chamber Choir, Avanti! Chamber Orchestra, Quince Ensemble, Earplay, Left Coast Chamber Ensemble, Kyle Bruckmann, Susanne Kujala, Mirka Malmi, Camilla Hoitenga, Eija Kankaanranta, Anni Haapaniemi and Heather Roche. Her music has been performed in numerous festivals in Finland and abroad such as Music nova Helsinki, Tampere Biennale, Nordic Music Days, EXPO Milan 2015, San Francisco Tape Music Festival, NYCEMF, ECCO and ISCM.


Detailed cv:

Spouce: Eero Tiittula


2016– PhD UC Berkeley, Department of Music, Composition, Centre for New Music and Audio Technologies (CNMAT), Electro-acoustic Music, Designated Emphasis in New Media. (Teachers: prof. Edmund Campion, prof. Franck Bedrossian, prof. Carmine Cella)

2015– PhD Sibelius Academy, Center for Music and Technology

2012–2013 IRCAM Cursus 1, practical training in computer music. Lessons in composition Mauro Lanza, lessons in electronics Mikhail Malt.

2009–2010 ERASMUS exchange studies in Stuttgart Hochschule fûr Musik und Darstellende Kunst, Oliver Schneller, composition, Piet Meyer, electro acoustic music

2010, 2013 private lessons in composition, Marco Stroppa, Kaija Saariaho

200311 Sibelius Academy, composition. B.Mus. 2008. M.Mus 2011 (teacher prof. Paavo Heininen)

Masterclasses and residencies

2019 NOTAM Immersive Sound Residency, 2 months residency in studio 3, 24 channel space.

2013 Saari residence supported by Kone Foundation 1.9.-30.10.2013

2011 Acanthes course for young composers. Teachers: Unsuk Chin, Philippe Hurel and Oscar Strasnoy. Chamber orchestra workshop and final concert with Orchestre National de Lorrain, cond. Jean Deroyer.

2008 and 10 Visby International Centre for Composers, composer in residence



30.1. Texture Notes: weak/strong for Quince Vocal Ensemble, Taproot Festival, Davies.
[new work] for cello and piano, Eeva Rysä and Jouko Laivuori.

[new work] Heather Roche, contrabass clarinet and electronics

[new work] HYOID Contemporary Voices, Benjamin Vandewalle. Work for two voices and electronics in collaboration with Centre Henri Pousseur. Premier in Brussels Kaai Theater.


4.1 It is always today, San Francisco Tape Music Festival, Victoria Theatre, San Francisco.

19.2. winnowing, Quentin Meurisse, piano, ECCO Concert Series, Espace Senghor, Brussels

14.4. Ina Donna, Quince Vocal Ensemble, Hertz Hall, Berkeley.

23.5. Incandescence oboe concerto is selected for the list of recommended works in IV Uuno Klami International Composition Competition.

11.10. Dawn Breaks, CD release, Parma Recordings, Ravello Label


19.3. Glow within, Tod Brody, flute, Peter Josheff, bass clarinet, Taube Atrium Theater, San Francisco

18.5. …sicut aurora procedit, Mirka Malmi, violin, Maija Hynninen, electronics, Cirko Maneesi, Suvilahti.

29.6. Freedom from Fear, Erin Lensing, oboe, Maija Hynninen, electronics, Ensemble Mise-En Festival, Scandinavia House, New York.

6.7.–29.7. Where it ends, sound-installation, Galleria K, Vantaa.

30.9. Glow within, Tod Brody, flute, Peter Josheff, bass clarinet, SF Music Day, Veterans Building, San Francisco

8.11. Freedom from Fear, Anni Haapaniemi, oboe, Nordic Music Days, Amos Rex, Helsinki


8.5. Freedom from Fear, Kyle Bruckmann, oboe, Maija Hynninen, electronics, Hertz Hall, Berkeley.

23.6. …sicut aurora procedit, Maja Cerar, violin, Maija Hynninen, electronics, NYCEMF Abrons Art Center, New York.

14.11. Lightness of the Days, Camilla Hoitenga, flute, Eija Kankaanranta, kantele, Helsinki Music Centre.


18. and 19.3. ...sicut aurora procedit, Mirka Malmi, vl, Ilona Jäntti, aerialist, Timo Kurkikangas, electronics, Oulu Music Festival, Finland.

4.5. Iced up, Soo Yeon Lyuh, haegeum, Maija Hynninen, haegeum, C4NM, San Francisco.

9.5. Earthship, Eco Ensemble, cond. David Milnes, Hertz Hall, Berkeley, US.


13.9. and 23.11. ...sicut aurora procedit, Mirka Malmi, vl, Ilona Jäntti, aerialist, Maija Hynninen, electronics, Music Centre, Helsinki.

22 and 23.9. Earthship, Divertimento Ensemble, Maija Hynninen, electronics, EXPO 2015 Milano Italian Pavillion. The final round of composition competition Feeding Music.


19.1. Interpolations 2, Andrea Carola Kiefer, accordion, Loft, Cologne, Germany.

9.–13.4. Mental Balance Variants music for animation film in collaboration with visual artist Pirjetta Brander, Tampere Biennale -festival, Finland.

14.6.–31.8. Mental Balance Variants music for animation film, Serlachius Museums, Mänttä, Finland.

17.9. Borrowed Tunes: 1. Dead Man Theme, Juho Laitinen, electric cello and electronics. Nordic Music Days, Oslo, Norway.


6.4. Après tel février for mezzo-soprano and electronics, Espace de projection, IRCAM, Paris

15.6. winnowing, Sonja Fräki, piano, Maija Hynninen, electronics, Kallio Kuninkala Festival, Järvenpää Hall, Finland.

27.8. Borrowed Tunes: 1. Dead Man Theme, Juho Laitinen, cello and electronics, Ostrava Days Festival, Tsech Republic.

18.12. New Holland, eNsemble, cond. Fedor Lednev, The Hermitage Theatre, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Works broadcasted on the radio

14.3.19 Borrowed Tunes: 1. Dead Man Theme, Juho Laitinen, cello and electronics, Radio Helsinki.

27.5.18 It is Always Today, Antena 2, RTP (Portuguese Radio)

20.9.16 It is Always Today, Espais Oberts, Catalunya Radio.

by the Finnish broadcasting company (YLE radio 1)

30.7.19 Mental Balance Variants, Polytech Choir, cond. Juha Kuivanen

25.8.18 winnowing, Jaana Kärkkäinen, piano, Maija Hynninen and Timo Kurkikangas, electronics.

7.9.16 Aina on tänään – It is always today, acousmatic piece.

28.8.13 Trois Mondes, Susanne Kujala, organ, Maija Hynninen and Veli Kujala, electronics.

12.4.12 winnowing, Emil Holmström, piano, Timo Kurkikangas, electronics.

6.12.11 Borrowed Tunes: 1. Dead Man Theme, Juho Laitinen, cello and electronics.

23.10.11 winnowing, Jaana Kärkkäinen, piano, Maija Hynninen and Timo Kurkikangas, electronics.

19.7.11 winnowing, Jaana Kärkkäinen, piano, Maija Hynninen and Timo Kurkikangas, electronics.

7.9.10 Orlando fragments, Jutta Seppinen, mezzo soprano, defunensemble.

13.7.10 Orlando fragments, Jutta Seppinen, mezzo soprano, defunensemble.


2007–15 freelance music journalist and co-host of the programs ’The contemporary music classics’ and ‘The Finnish music of our time’ at Finnish broadcasting company, radio Yle 1.


2011– Member of TEOSTO

2007– Member of Society of Finnish Composers

2006–08 Chairman of Ears Open -society


Prizes: Eisner Prize for Highest Achievement in the Creative Arts, and the Nicola de Lorenzo Prize in Music Composition by the University of California, Berkeley. Wegelius, and Pro Musica Foundation Prizes for artistic work.

Grants for artistic work: Society of Finnish Composers Sibelius foundation, City of Vantaa, Finnish Cultural Foundation, Arts Council of Finland, Alfred Kordelin Foundation, Society of Finnish Composers Sibelius, Pegasos and Madetoja Foundation, and Kone Foundation.

Works commissioned by YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company), Tampere Biennale, Helsinki Chamber Choir, Avanti! Chamber Orchestra, the International Maj Lind piano competition, Earplay and Left Coast Chamber Ensemble.