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Mielen tasapainolajit

Polyteknikkojen kuoro / The Polytech Choir

johtaa / conducted by Juha Kuivanen

Kuunteletko sinä (2013),

Polyteknikkojen kuoron musiikkikustannus Oy

"Maija Hynninen builds her rich and multi faceted composition Mental Balance Variants on two poems by Janne Nummela," Lauri Kilpiö, Suomen Kuvalehti, 2013.

As a commission by the Tampere Biennale, visual artist Pirjetta Brander created an animation to the music of Mental Balance Variants.

Trois Mondes

Susanne Kujala, urut

Organ Music of the 21st Century (2019)


"Kujala's new Alba recording includes an excellent and fascinating collection of works from five Finnish composers. In Trois Mondes for organ and electronics (2010-11), Maija Hynninen takes inspiration from the auditory and visual illusions of Jean-Calude Risset and M.C. Escher." Anna Pulkkis, Finnish Music Quarterly 2019.

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Veijo Murtomäki, Helsingin Sanomat gave five stars to the recording and states:

"In Maija Hynninen's Trois Mondes the live electronics builds dizzying sound pyramids."

Dawn Breaks

selected works with electronics by Maija Hynninen

Jaana Kärkkäinen, piano

Mirka Malmi, violin

Tuuli Lindeberg, soprano

Ravello Records


"The music of Maija Hynninen explores the breaking of sound and the continuity of music:

a spectacular effect."

Sonograma magazine


"Musical breaking of dawn for Maija Hynninen"... "cleverly written electro-acoustic works
are large and strenuous, but also fragile and heartfelt."


"Acoustic elements in all of the works overlap with Hynninen's self-produced electronical soundscape.

The end result is a natural electroacoustic coexistence and interaction."

YLE, Uudet Levyt, Aki Yli-Salomäki


"The clear strength in this album as a whole is Hynninen’s conceptualization of electronic timbres. Her
composition and performance give the electronic components a true voice, and all of her decisions in this
domain feel carefully and effectively chosen"

I care if you listen, Adam O'Dell


"Maija Hynninen (b. 1977) creates spacious, original sound worlds and narratives that leave room

for the listeners’ imagination."

FMQ, Anna Pulkkis