It is always today (2015)

Radiophonic piece commissioned by YLE Radio 1. You'll find some excerpts and info below.

It is always today, Excerpt I

Synopsis for excerpt I

It is always today, Excerpt II

Synopsis for excerpt II

It is always today, INFO

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Après tel février for mezzo-soprano and electronics. Anaïs Bertrand, mezzo-soprano, Maija Hynninen and Mikhail Malt electronics, 6.4.2013, Espro, IRCAM, Paris.

Recording by IRCAM.

Borrowed tunes: 1. Dead Man Theme for electric cello and live electronics. Juho Laitinen, electric cello, Maija Hynninen, electronics, 14.11.2011, G-18, Helsinki.

Recording by Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE).

New Holland for ensemble, excerpt. Jozsef Hars cond., Hanna Kinnunen, flutes, Lauri Sallinen, clarinets, Miikka Saarinen, trumpet, Tommi Hyytinen, horn, Petteri Kippo, percussion, Saara Rautio, harp, Mirka Malmi, violin, Carmen Moggach, viola, Juho Laitinen, cello.

Recorded by Davis Ozolins and Maija Hynninen at the CM&T, Helsinki Music Centre. Mixing by James Andean.

Le tremble from Les arbres sans feuilles 2012. Trami Nguyen, piano.

Slutförvaringen – Kuinka puoliintuminen meitä liikuttaa for 16 solo voices, excerpt. Helsinki Chamber Choir, cond. Nils Schweckendiek, 25.9.2010, House of Nobility, Helsinki.

Recorded by Anders Pohjola.

winnowing for piano and electronics, excerpt. Jaana Kärkkäinen, piano, Timo Kurkikangas and Maija Hynninen,electronics.

Recorded by Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE), mixing by Timo Kurkikangas 2011.

...sicut aurora procedit version for violin and electronics, excerpt from beginning

Interview by Minna-Kaisa Kuivalainen for Tampere Biennale 2012 festival.

Mental Balance Variants

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