July 20, 2023

Hiljaisuus Residency


Starting a new collaboration with the circus artist Aino Savolainen here in the very North of Finland, Kaukonen at the Hiljaisuus Residency. The piece was commissioned by the Hiljaisuus Festival and is also going to be premiered here at the Hiljaisuus Festival 2024. For our collaboration I’m going to compose acousmatic music that is, with the aid of sensors, partly interactive with Aino’s movements. End result as I imagine it, is going to be quite intimate immersive soundscape that surrounds the audience.

We have spent with Aino an intensive week brewing ideas and testing them. For me it’s fascinating to see close by Aino work on the cyr wheel, that is also going to be her instrument in our show. Our thoughts came quite nicely together when thinking of different possible approaches for both, movement and sound.

During the residency we also recorded the cyr wheel itself. Taking the wheel apart into pieces, we put a microphone very close by and recorded sounds of the wheel when one breathes inside it, touches, taps and gently wipes it. All this material sounded very inspiring and I feel new ideas bubbling to come out when we get to record again during the fall.

Looking forward to seeing you at Hiljaisuus Festival 2024 in Kaukonen, Kittilä!